System Usage

Entrance Screen

  • News / announcement panel that will provide the latest information about Atosis and the Web site.
  • 10 different language option (Turkish, English, Russian, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Persian, Azerbaijanese, Arabic).
  • Remember me on this computer” option during registered users’ entrance to the Web site.

Main Menu / Modules

  • User-specific page design and module placement. Facility for user to design her / his own page.
  • Default tabs:
  • Latest locations
    My Map
    Advanced Reports

Latest Locations

  • Fleet / depatment / vehicle tree on the left menu. Chosen vehicles on this tree are shown on the map and the table.
  • Information about active vehicle number / all vehicle number.
  • The latest locations information for the vehicles.
  • Live tracking via Google Earth
  • Zooming to locations of the vehicles on the map, by clicking once. (“Show on the Map”)

Location Details

  • Viewing all data about the vehicles (daily and history – past).
  • Authorized Access.
  • Record number related to chosen date period. Detail status data. Making hidden consecutive data with same status.

My Map

  • Views the vehicle list in alphabetical oder, according to the user authority.
  • Viewing defined fields
  • Within the stated date period:

Route tracking and simulation
Determining the locations that the vehicle has stopped on
Total Stopping / Record numbers


  • Daily rapid Access reports
  • Vehicle daily move reports
  • Speed summaries

Advanced Reports

  • Reporting within the chosen date period according to the vehicle or all vehicles.
  • Saving as Excel, Word, Pdf.
  • Raporting in the context of usage authority.
  • Smooth running with the latest browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome).

Accesory Reports

Includes reports about data that are send by sensors and additional apparatus connected to vehicle tracking devices (Temperature sensor report vs.)

General Reports

General purpose reports (The lates location report, location detail report, distance report, shift report vs.)


Includes reports about violations defined to the system, like speed limit violation.

Graphic Reports

Includes reports that can be expressed as graphical info.

Management Panel

Company – Fleet – Group Operations (Add, Delete, Change)

Includes the pages in which current adjustments can be made for the user company, defined fleets and vehicle groups (company name, shift time, creating new vehicle group and adding vehicle to this group etc…)

User Permission Operations

Pages in which the related permissions about if the defined vehicles in the system can be seen or not seen by the users defined within the system are set.

Vehicle Operations

Active pages in which some information about the vehicle can be changed.