System Features

Standard Features

  • Daily and monthly distance, running, idle and standstill reports for all vehicles.
  • Total and daily kilometers report for vehicle kilometer change.
  • Detailed location information report for instant and past dates.
  • Viewing city, county, neighbourhood and street detailed vehicle location info on maps.
  • Viewing instant standstill, idle and moving status of vehicles, on maps.
  • Viewing first move point of vehicles and their routes during the day on maps.
  • Determination of past route information of vehicles, on the map and via simulation method.
  • Route and stop point appointment and tracking for vehicles.
  • Activity area appointment for vehicles and violation reports (e-mail&sms)
  • Speed limits appointment for vehicles and violation reports (e-mail&sms)
  • Vehicle working reports for inside of working hours and outside of working hours and violation reports.
  • Vehicle moving report and alert while the ignition is closed.

Optional Features

  • Fuel level measurement of vehicles
  • In-car photo taking and sending
  • Stopping the car from distance place
  • Door and warehouse cap opening alerts for vehicles
  • CAN-J1939/FMS (vehicle memory reading), OBD (distance access and service management)
  • In-car environment listening
  • Voice communication from the vehicle via specific numbers
  • Driver and passanger recognition
  • Vehicle or refrigerated temperature and humidity measurement
  • Internal and external battery
  • Counting mixer
  • Additional trailer identity determination
  • Emergency decleration