We are continuing to grow.

ATOSİS has been founded in 2010 by combining 35 years-experienced companies in Mobile Technologies, which have also performed many principle works in Turkey. ATOSIS, which receives its experiences from projects needing different investment and production structure, continue to its works via Mobile Technologies development, production and marketing mission.

Competitive production portfolio

ATOSİS has formed a competitive production portfolio from price and technical aspects, with its Vehicle Tracking, Personal Tracking, Telemetry…etc. productions provided as a result of researh and development works. In this sense, it continues to works via especially Ankara Center and Istanbul, Adana, Diyarbakır branches with its expert staff.


Allows using the time more efficient.

Fuel Saving

Blocks using the vehicles except from the task.

Saving on Maintenance Costs

Detects user mistakes that may cause to faults.


Allows complying with traffic regulations.


Improves control on vehicles and drivers.

Operational Efficiency

Allows significantly saving from the labor force and saves time.